Let’s build something great

As a headhunter and executive recruiter, I help companies in the Nordics recruit the best leaders and key talent of today and tomorrow. 


I’m a driven and people-centric recruitment professional currently shaping the future of headhunting, while enjoying life, doing sports and networking with people from different cultures. 

Native Swedish and Finnish speaker, fluent in English.

the service

the process is developed based on years of interactions with candidates and recruiting managers on all levels from CXO to specialists


Examples of successfully finalized recruitments during the past year:

Head of Transportation & Automotive software business for a mid-sized listed industrial company in Finland

Global Head of Healthcare for a large listed technology company, Nordic level search

Head of Strategic large deal sales

Chief Architect for a global software business

Head of Digital Consulting in a large listed Nordic tech company

Head of Public Cloud business for a large listed technology company, Nordic level search

CTO for a SW business unit

Head of a Energy & Utilities SW business in Sweden

HR Head in Sweden for a large tech company

for a mid-sized business, Sweden

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